Process and operations improvement. Digitalization.

We address the challenges of today’s companies. We offer efficient, innovative and tech-oriented solutions that are sensitive and responsible with all the agents in the environment.

We are a Digitalizing Agent of the KIT DIGITAL aid program for SMEs.

Get your bonus and digitize your SME processes with our MES, CMMS, SGA and LEAN Six Sigma software!

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We help you build a business prepared to succeed in the digital age.

At Tobalina Consulting we have been accompanying companies in their process of growth and continuous improvement for more than 20 years. We put at your disposal our consulting team, our methodology, based on our success stories, and our services. We guide you into the future.

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More than 400 clients and 1000 projects have trusted us.

Experts in process and operation improvement

Operations, Logistics, Warehouse, Maintenance, Production, Lean Six Sigma… are some of our specialties. We focus on results and design and implement efficient, sustainable and innovative solutions.



At Tobalina Consulting Group we offer 360 consulting services in the areas of processes, operations, strategy, digital transformation, Lean Six Sigma and Organization and People.


Online & in-company

We enhance the abilities and skills of employees with our official courses in Lean Six Sigma, Supply Chain Logistics, Mantenimiento y Gestión de Activos 


Softwares 4.0

for process management

At Tobalina Consulting we have developed the MES, CMMS, SGA and Lean Six Sigma software that allow the management of operational processes according to a flexible, efficient and sustainable model.

Aquos Human Consulting

Talent selection. Consulting in Organization and People

People make the company’s most valuable asset. At Tobalina Consulting we select and manage the talent that your company needs to continue growing.

Consulting must be modern

and tackle the challenges that today’s companies face.

Consulting must be sensitive and responsible

The solutions must take into account all the agents and actors involved directly or indirectly in the processes.

Consulting must be innovative

and strive for continous improvement and the use of technologies.

Consulting must be efficient

It must maximize process efficiency and reduce costs.

Consulting must be an active listener.

Listening means adapting proposals to companies’ real needs.


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